We take the extra steps where you can’t see them.  We make sure the framing is accurate and strong.  For example, we will put extra insulation in if we feel that it is the best thing for the home.  We will add more structure if we feel it needs it.   There is absolutely no corner-cutting, especially where framing is concerned.  This is where the extra step is that you cannot see.

We do frame to finish, including :

  1. Sitework : Septic systems, driveways, drains, waterproofing of foundation – all you need to do is loam, seed and pave when we leave your property.
  2. Framing : Our framing is as strong as the finish is pretty and we always build to code with quality material.
  3. Electric : Formal walk-through for outlet/tv/fan placement.
  4. Plumbing : Gas lines installed, fixtures installed, water heaters, heating, and more put in.
  5. AC/Forced hot air: We take care of all your climate control needs.

We also cover all the necessary details of :

  1. Foundation
  2. Well
  3. Painting
  4. Sheetrock
  5. Finish work